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EnPlant Engineering is specialized in waste wood fired Hot Gas Generator, shorten called HGG. For industrial clients we provide Biomass-fired energy system and related equipment. We do also build regular wood fired hot water and thermal fluid heater plants.

We provide with our own in-house design capabilities complete package system including: Consulting, Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, Installation, Supervision, Parts and within since decades colleagues complete control system. For more information, open broschyre.

Clients demands

Production of fuel pellets and wood based panel products as particle-, OSB and MDF boards require heat for both drying and the pressing processes. Our HGG provide hot gases for drum dryers, flash dryers as well as for thermal oil heaters or boilers. Our HGG can also be built for regular fired hot water and thermal fluid heater plants.

The HGG can be fired with waste wood, bark, saw dust, wood chips, trimmings and sander dust. The HGG is built on our proven Reciprocating Grate combustion Technology. HGG (furnace) with reciprocating grate is the most effective design for complete combustion of waste wood. This feature and by decades of experiences have not only made us to one of the leading HGG companies in northern Europe but also gives us advantage to engineer systems to meet customer´s specific circumstances and demands.

Depending on your application we are able to supply:

Biomass Fired Hot Gas Generators - Biomass Fired hot water boilers – Combustion Air System - Fuel Handling Systems – Multi cyclones - Ash handling system – Material handling System - Control Systems. For your maintance and repairs do we have our own Grate bars in stock.

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