About Us


EnPlant designs, manufacturs and supplies, biomass energy systems, fuel handling system for multiple industries. Our products include Material handling Systems, Waste wood Fuel Handling Systems, Ash Handling System, Combustion Air System, Reciprocating Grate Systems, Biomass Fired Hot Gas Generators. Company EnPlant is well experienced manufacturer of biomass combustion systems. EnPlant, proprietary reciprocal grate design was delivered for the first time 1991.

Our mission

Our technology, knowhow and company are founded on the customer needs, practical field experiences, engineering knowledge, performed job project, skilled and experienced workshops. With this and our principles of helping customers forms the underlaying framework for our company operation.

About us

1991 company EnPlant was established by Mr. Bert Ahlin. We are experienced by 85 or more of supplies and design of biomass waste wood fired energy plants and large number of fuel and material handling systems, for supplies in entire world but most in europe, North America but as well Russia and asia.

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What can you get from us

Whether you need individual replacement components or a whole new system designed from scratch we, are capable of supply a wide variety of equipment, system and packages.

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We are capable provide.

With our own in-house design capabilities complete package system including: Consulting, Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, Installation, Supervision and Parts.

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Top rate Quality

The design, engineering, and manufacturing of our systems are backed by decades of energy experience, or with other words with over 50 years experiences brings along we can guarantee quality in all the manner of our system and products, from routine to complex.



EnPlant say, our commitment to provide solutions specific to your plant needs. Based by on our and your experiences we will works towards ensuring an specific solution for all clients.

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