Biomass Energy System

  • Recipracting grate
  • Combustion chamber

  • Fuel feeder - metering bin
  • Fuel handling system
  • Suspension Burners
  • Ash system
  • Control system

Providing proven Biomass-fired energy systems and related equipment for industrial clients worldwide.

EnPlant is specialized in waste wood fired Hot Gas Generator, shorten called HGG.

For industrial clients we provide Biomass-fired energy system and related equipment. The design, engineering, and manufacturing of our systems are backed by decades of waste wood energy experience, since 1980. Our biomass energy systems includes a fuel feed system, combustion chamber, ash handling system, and electric automation controls. Installation supervision, commissioning, spare parts and equipments are provided to help maintain and support efficient operation.


Hot gas generator (furnace) with reciprocating grate is the most effective design for complete combustion of waste wood fuels, with varying characteristics, fuel size, fuel heating values and high moisture content.


EnPlant HGG (furnace) can be fired with a range of waste wood as, bark, saw dust, wood chips, trimmings and sander dust.


Biomass-fired combustion systems are useful in many wood product manufacturing and power generation processes. These systems are commonly used for hot gas generation and indirect heating applications. Production of fuel pellet and wood based panel products as particle-, OSB and MDF boards require heat for both drying and the pressing processes. Our HGG provide hot gases for rotary Dryers, belt dryer and heating thermal oil plants. Our HGG can also be built for regular fired hot water boiler - district heating plant.


Whether you need individual replacement components or a whole new system designed from scratch we, are capable of supply a wide variety of equipment, parts and complete total biomass- waste wood fired energy systems for the industry.


Utilizing Biomass energy by waste wood with higher moisture content fuels such as hogged bark and green wood for larger firing capacities demands a reciprocating grate in order to get continuous operation, stable and easily adjustable combustion results. The Recipro- cating Grate achieves gasification through the staged Combus- tion of Wet fuel. The Grate is divided into multiple sections al- lowing varying speeds, and also controlled under-fire air zones. The whole Grate surface is made up of the so called Grate bars, EnPlant grate-bar design ensures uniform air move- ment, and the high alloy cast iron composi- tion ensures durability and long lasting performance. EnPlant, proprietary reciprocal grate design was delivered for the first time 1991, it is 28 MW waste wood fired energy plant, this means our reciprocal grate systems are backed by decades of waste wood energy experiences. EnPlant Reciprocating Grate Technology is used largely in the wood products industry but, there is only one original version, EnPlant.


The waste wood is burned in a combustion chamber equipped with a reciprocating grate system. The combustion chamber consists of a steel casing lined with refractory materials and insulation materials. A true complete combustion requires good mix of the carbon monoxide and supply of the oxygen-rich air, high temperatures and retention time. A clean process and emission controls are vital in any modern biomass combustion system. With consider on this facts are our combustion chambers designed for each job in order to ensure ideal combustion.

Fuel Feeder

Biomass wood fuel is feed into the combustion chamber fuel hopper via the fuel feed conveyor. EnPlant fuel feeder is integrated part of our biomass energy system installed onto the biomass combustion chamber. The integrated fuel pushers are programmed to evenly distribute the fuel onto the reciprocal grate. The fuel pushers are installed in a fuel metering bin system and the hydraulically driven fuel Pushers deliver precise amount of fuel required by the furnace at any time based on demand.

Intermediate Storage Bin

Intermediate storage is some times good to have as additional fuel storage bin above the furnace feul metering bin. Having a intermediate storage bin after the large fuel bin provides additional flexibilitye on top of the furnace fuel feeding system.

Ash handling system

After the burning process there will be ash. EnPlant ash hanling systems consists mainly of wet ash conveyor, water cooled ash screw conveyor and ash container. In EnPlant standard biomass energy system the ash and slag from the burning process is discharged into a submerged wet ash conveyor. It is the most reliable and efficient way handle wood ash. The Conveyor is mainly a Drag chain conveyor filled with water. The wet ash conveyor collect ash from burning process and transport ash into an next container dumpster. .

Water Cooled Ash Screw

EnPlant as well can supply dry ash handling system who consists mainly of water cooled ash screw. The Screw conveyor is located right underneath the Reciprocating grate ash hoppers. The water cooled ash screws can also be utilized for collect and transport ash from other process ash disharge. The design provides a way to transport high temperature ash from the Grate firing.

Suspension Burners - Sander dust Burner

Suspension burners can be used in addition to the HGG (Furnace) designs combusting finer materials such as sander dust or hammer milled material. This finer material is fed from EnPlant dust dosing bin. The material is blown through high pressure tubing into a centrifugal burner. The burner makes use of primary and secondary air, allowing adjustments to fuel consumption, as well as flame length and width. The Dust burner has no self-sustaining flame but needs support from the Grate fire, the dust firing take place simultaneously with the grate firing.

control system

Control systems for biomass fired energy systems are complex due to the integration of fuel handling, combustion control, and ash removal. It is imperative that all of these systems work in harmony together.

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