Material Handling Systems

  • Live bottom material feed - utilizing "Ladders"
  • Wood chip Storage

  • Saw dust Storage Bin
  • Dry wood material Sorage Bin
  • Level- Spike rollers
  • Drag Chain Conveyor
  • Screw Conveyor
  • Coarse - Disc screen
  • Material - Meteering bin
  • Dosing bin

Wood Material - Handling

A dependable raw wood material feed system is crucial to maintaining thorough production control in any wood based industi, as in wood pellet industy.

Your raw wood material as wood flake and sawdust material feed system should be as steady and worry free as possible. EnPlant offers material bin - Live bottom wood chip bin, live bottom ladders, Drag chain conveyor, Screw conveyors, Dosing bin, Disc screen for screen out oversize material. Engineered and designed to work with your production process, to deliver the amount of material required.

Live bottom material feed

The raw material storage Bin includes rugged live bottom wood chip feed design utilizing "ladders" for accurate feed rate control. Ladders have hold down clips on each side. Our ladder design is conservatively designed and capable of handling varying waste wood fuel. The Hydraulic cylinders, motors, and power units for the storage bins are com- pletely external to the bin. The range of wood chip and sawdust storage sizes offered to meet your material feed requirements and operating schedule of your plant.

Wood chip storage

Live bottom wood chip - sawdust bin system can be silo designed for top-roof loading, side wall open silo design for front loaders.

live bottom "ladders"

This type of silo or bin unloader comprises of hydraulic driven scrapers covering the entire silo bottom. The so called scrapers are built like a climbing Ladder and each foot bar makes the scraper which moves the material forward. The mowing scrapers which we call the "Ladders" are designed in wide and the length is the same as the length of the Bin.

Spike roller – Level roller

Spike roller installed at bin outlet. The purpose is to control the flow of material but also tear apart larger chunks which could cause jamming in the collecting conveyor.

Wood chip material feed Drag chain conveyor

EnPlant uses a drag chain conveyor design that uses heavy duty chain to handle wood chip and wood sawdust material. The wood feed conveyor utilizes a bottom drag chain design with the return over top and, comes complete with conveyor chain with flights, gear box drive and motor. The double conveyor chain is running on UHMW rails and, steel flight running on bottom plate Hardox. The wood chip feed conveyor has a tail end sprocket and drive shaft with chain sprockets at the discharge end. Conveyor trough totally enclosed with bolted covers.

Screw conveyor

The screw conveyor is used to transport material from one position to the next. The Screw conveyor is designed for industrial purposes intended for transport of waste wood, wood chips, saw dust horizontally or inclined. The conveyor has a completely welded screw flight on a central shaft of tubing, varying with size of screw diameter and length. The trough is bended and has bolted covers. Rear bearings are foot bearings and, many times equiped with separate packing boxes, front bearings are flange type or foot bearings. Enclosed trough fitted with flanges for inlet and outlet. Gear box drive mounted directly on the drive shaft.

Live bottom-meteering bin

Intermediate bin - metering bin with live bottom ladders push the material into a cross installed conveyor and, this means the bottom moving ladders carries the material into the drag next conveyor. The material bin is feed from top by front from another conveyor. This type of silo, reclaim or bin unloader comprises of hydraulic driven scrapers - ladders covering the entire silo bottom. The called scrapers are built like a climbing Ladder and each foot bar makes the scraper which moves the material forward.

Dosing - meteering bin

The so-called dosing bin consist of motor-driven screws that cover the entire bottom of the dosing bin. This type of dosing bin is usually fed with a scraper conveyor or screw conveyor. The dosing screws are mounted in the bottom of the dosing bin trough, which feed the material out of the pocket to the next conveyor or receiving machine. The dosing bin is made of casing in steel construction including the trough bottom. The steel casing is equipped with level control positions, inspection door, inspection window and support.

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